Newborn Interventions


The procedure of intervention is done in the catheterization laboratory. The procedure uses specialized equipment which will assess the heart’s condition by x-rays. The procedure usually preferred in the morning as it will give a complete day time to watch for the recovery. To carry out the procedure, the child will be sedated first. A local anesthesia will be given to the child in its groin area. This is the area where the arterial tubes and veins enter. A wire will be placed inside will reach the right side of the heart through the vein. Another wire that enter the left side of the heart through the artery. Once these wires are operated properly in the right part of the heart using catheters, the doctor or the technician will establish a railroad track. A balloon or any other delivery devices can be taken over this. Samples of blood and pressures are measured in each chamber to understand mixing of red and blue blood. Dye is given in the appropriate chamber and pictures recorded.

The procedure will help to find whether the child has any cardiac-related diseases or problems. The procedure is painless apart from the pain caused by the anesthesia give in the groin area.